Alongside being a profoundly successful entrepreneur, Adeel Ashraf portrays an incredible experience in training and development initiatives. His interest in personal and professional trainings can fairly be attributed to his vision to transform society. From guiding individuals about the career choices to mentoring people about setting their own goals and achieving them, Adeel uses his exhaustive experience to cautiously transfer his skills to others and contribute to the development of a more advanced society.

Career choice is one of the most significant decisions in one’s life, the implications of which are inevitably far-reaching. Despite the availability of hundreds of career options, students end up choosing something that is not harmonized with their personality and interests. Career consultancy trainings by Adeel Ashraf rigorously guide people about the career choices available to them. In accordance with the personality assessments of trainees and the macro-environmental factors at hand, he mentors people about choosing a career that has the maximum likelihood to lead to personal and professional development.

Being a successful and thoroughly groomed entrepreneur himself, Adeel Ashraf conducts entrepreneurial consultancy programs to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship among individuals. Since his entire journey is drenched with zeal and passion for executing his innovative ideas, he mentors the same to his trainees. This training program seeks to inculcate courage to take risks and improvise according to the existing realities of this world. Courage to take risks, according to Adeel Ashraf, is the essence of entrepreneurship, which stimulates the ambitions to achieve long-term goals.

Adeel Ashraf started his journey from a rather primitive community of Pakistan and his zeal for growth took him to one of the most advanced cities of the world. Having spent years amidst the liveliness of London and Birmingham, Adeel Ashraf trains people about the best ways to spend a successful life in the UK. From the sparkling growth opportunities to the hassles in accommodation and food, Life in UK training covers everything a newbie relocating or planning to relocate to this country needs to know.   

Amongst several businesses owned by Adeel Ashraf, British Pathway and Study Language are the ones that are aimed at facilitating students’ international admissions from a range of countries to the UK. The purpose of these entrepreneurial ventures is to provide a thorough step-by-step consultancy for people who are willing to study in top tier international universities. What distinguishes this training from the widely available ‘study abroad’ training programs is the fact that Adeel Ashraf has been immersed in UK’s academic sector for years. Having a deep knowledge of the nuts and bolts of this sector, he supplies the information that is normally not known to many trainers addressing the same issues. Moreover, he has spent a stretched amount of time working and interacting with people from varied nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. This makes him additionally capable of surpassing the linguistic and ethnic barriers and effortlessly guiding people coming from varied backgrounds.

The laborious drill of hard work that Adeel Ashraf has embraced throughout his journey of development has expanded his cognizance about the crests and troughs of life. It is due to what he has learned during the course of his development that he proudly counsels people about how to plan life in the best possible manner. His idea of success goes hand in hand with assiduous and untiring hard work accompanied with a realistic and well-orchestrated plan about personal and professional growth in life. He seeks to inculcate this very idea of life planning in his trainees to enable them to envision success in life.

Corporate relationship, according to Adeel Ashraf, forms a noteworthy foundation in one’s professional success and personal grooming. Part of Adeel’s professional triumph can fairly be attributed to the time he has spent with multi-cultural corporate executives in the UK. This effort not only enhanced his knowledge about corporate practices in different cultures but also nourished his professional skills in a way to be successful in the cut-throat competitive environment of a country like UK. He now uses this understanding to train people about the essence of building corporate ties so as to enhance one’s social credibility in the professional landscape.

Referring back to Adeel Ashraf’s journey of growth and development, it goes without saying that he has always been a man of goals and objectives. He, thus, uses his exposure and the success he has today to guide people about planning ahead and setting achievable and realistic goals. In this training, he mentors people about self-leadership, emphasizing that dreams can be fulfilled by setting time-bound and realistic goals and then achieving them without any external monitoring. The way he paved his own path of growth through this mechanism of self-leadership is exactly what he mentors people about in this module.