Student Solutions​

UK receives a huge influx of international students every year who have to cope with a variety of tasks and tests for settling in. These multitude of transition problems may become a source of anxiety and stress, eventually hampering the student’s potential and abilities. If you are an international student in the UK facing such issues, I will help alleviate all your pre and post arrival problems. In this regard, I will provide guidance through a one to one progression plan encompassing time management, study plans, social integration, career selection, financial issues, legal matters, driving offences, employment opportunities etc. Consider me as your student help-desk and I will support you in the following aspects:

  • If you feel homesick and need someone to confide in, I will lend a helping ear to your student woes and provide easy solutions for the same.
  • If communicating in English as a second language poses difficulty to you, my language support services will enable familiarization with local accent and slangs.
  • Shook by the cultural shock? No need to feel depressed or lonely. I will arrange for you a meeting with professional panelists who will help you gel-in.
  • Facing financial problems? I will guide you regarding part-time jobs, students discounts, fee-installments, academic loans, scholarships and ways to stretch every pound.
  • Are you always late in the submission of your coursework? I will devise a doable time management schedule to keep you on track and afloat.
  • Does social integration give you jitters? I will encourage you to join social clubs, student unions, academic societies, literary events and like-minded groups so as to get you going.
  • Are you nervous because of a driving offence and don’t know the legal formalities? You can consult me with full confidence and I will outline the possible legal options available to you as a student.

If you are in a fix, I can fix the problem for you! Wait no more students! Contact me to make your student experience in UK memorable and enjoyable.