PHD Applications UK​

Are you an aspiring doctoral candidate in the UK? Are you tired of making PHD applications yet not finding the relevant supervisor?  Have you written and re-written your research proposals various times but still wailing in dissatisfaction? Are you feeling that you might have to kiss your dreams of higher study a goodbye? Stop right there…. I understand all these dilemmas that PHD applicants go through in order to secure their place in UK universities and I am there to provide you private support with PHD applications, proposals, visa assistance and tutorials.

I can help maximize your potential for securing a PHD offer in the following ways:
Ensuring your eligibility criteria and vetting your transcript
Shortlisting the suitable universities as per your research field
Documentation and checklist preparation
Scrutinizing and editing your resume, personal statement and references
Providing feedback and review on your research proposal
Helping in submission of PHD applications and tracking their progress
Holding mock-interviews to prepare you for defending your proposals
Analyzing your suitability as a researcher for the proposed PHD proposal
Exploiting and advising on scholarships/grants available in your field of study
Visa assistance upon acceptance
I will hold one-to-one mentoring sessions with PHD aspirants and guide/assist them regarding academic references, personal statement and research proposal required for PHD applications. Once you have applied, I will train you on how to defend your proposal before a panel of experts so as to ensure acceptance. After successfully being accepted, I will provide visa assistance for the same. In short, I will provide you with individual mentorship regarding every aspect of your doctoral studies in the UK. Call me now to discuss your PHD project with complete confidentiality.