life plan coaching

LIve your passions! be unapologetic!
discover your purpose!

Let me be your partner in navigating life’s journey and create an impact together! As a Life Plan facilitator, I will guide you in designing a personalized plan focused at your individual growth.

Wishing to attain perspective on what a fulfilling life should be? Want to make life meaningful but lack direction? I can help you plan your life through vision and strategy. Let’s begin at the beginning!

Everyone wants a successful, satisfied and stress-free life but very few of us are able to experience the same. A major reason behind this is blind-following the trends, the routines, the comfort-zones and others’ expectations of us. Amidst all the dichotomies and complications of life, we tend to continue walking towards a non-destination. However, if you wish to live life to the fullest, you need to know yourself and realize the purpose of your life. As a life plan coach, I will support you in your journey from self-realization to self-actualization. Being an exegete of life, I facilitate my clients in identifying their being and step-by-step working them towards their life goals. For those focused on a life plan intensive, I generally deal in the following aspects:

  • What should be your next career move?
  • What kind of life partner will be ideal for you to marry?
  • Should you stay in your current city of abode or move out to get a fresh outlook towards life?
  •  How can you attain personal fulfilment and relaxation?
  • What role spirituality can or shall play in your life?

My half-hour introductory telephonic consultations can help you talk through your queries and decide further course of action. If you need answers to deep foundational questions about your vocation and identity, if you’ve gone through personality assessments and conversations with mentors, if you wish to follow an integrated process to create a visionary future and if you want surface insights and a breakthrough rooted in truth, you can contact me and together we shall make your social imprints on this planet impactful.