investor relations


I have the knowledge and experience to provide insightful investor-relations counsel to my clients in UK. My expertise can help you determine what motivates and drives investors to your business!

Need to venture out in a bigger market? Let me introduce you to the right group of investors of your industry and let my persuasive skills bring investment for your business growth!

Being a businessman myself, I realize from experience that the success rate of your business is directly proportional to the pool of investment in your business by those having similar objectives as yours.  However, an engaged businessman hardly finds the time to research and reach out to the prospective investors that may provide his business with the much needed investment boost. That is where my expertise may come in handy as I create such opportunities for businessmen on demand and convince the interested investors to reap profits by investing in their business. In collaboration with businesses wishing to expand, I prepare a concise investment proposal that lays out all the merits and addresses all the risks for investors to influence them for investing in your company’s stock.

I have actively worked over the years to gain extensive contacts and database of influential investors, traders, retail brokers and high net worth individuals who trust my relationship base and reputation of being a source of bringing good ideas for their investments.  Through my investor marketing efforts, I have developed an excellent track record for delivering tangible results to both parties. Having deep domain expertise in corporate development, I understand what it takes to be successful in creating long-term shareholder value.  My strategic plan post transaction will help you assess the capabilities for effective corporate development.