Where to do low cost shopping in Dublin

As you will probably know, Dublin is a rather expensive city and by far the priciest one in Ireland, but we have done our homework to help you save-up a few euros when it comes to shopping.

To arrive to the cheapest areas of Dublin you will have to travel north; to Henry street, home to the cheapest department stores in Ireland called Penney´s.
Maybe you are not familiar with this name yet, but outside of Ireland they are known as Primark, which probably rings a bell. As you know, it is a huge store with almost everything at very low cost prices. Another option along this same line is the department store Debenhams. You can usually find interesting discounts on certain items; now is your time to dive into the different articles to find your bargain.

Very close to Henry Street your will find George Street. If you are looking for electronic items, this is the place to go. Visit the different Asian stores and compare prices but all of them are pretty cheap.

You can also visit the shopping mall St. Stephens, even though the majority of the stores are not precisely cheap, you will find an outlet store called Tkk Maxx.
that we recommend you to check out. Very close to Grafton street, you will find a very cute store as well: OM Diva.
, where you can buy second hand and vintage clothes for reasonable prices.

Of course, one of the best options always to get cheap clothing is to visit the flea markets that are organized around town like: Dublin Flea Market which takes places the last Sunday of every month, the Ha’ Penny Flea Market .
that you can visit every Saturday, or The Point Village Car Boot .
also taking place weekly every Sunday morning. Enjoy your shopping!


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