Tips to get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Christmas is never complete without your loved ones by your side and some unforgettable gifts to mark the occasion. With Thanksgiving getting closer, most of us are all set for the exciting Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. However, you need to sort out a few things to get the most out of these discount sales. Although both online and offline retailers have begun declaring their “historic lows”, they may run out of stock even before you know the latest prices of their products.

After all, Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are the most awaited discounts and there are probably thousands of others eyeing the same products as you are. So, before the retailers run out of stock, you need to get the best deals. With so much happening around you, it’s important that you do not lose control over your finances while also grabbing some of the best deals. To ensure that, we have some of the best tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, without messing up your finances.

Don’t get too excited about the Deals

If you are someone who shops cautiously then you would know-how people get tricked into believing that they are indeed getting the best deal at a discount sale. So, the No.1 tip to get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is to do your own price-related research. Never go by the tall claims that most retailers make during these sales on product listings whose prices were recently inflated — only to be brutally slashed down later to declare a steep discount.

Without using this trick, they couldn’t have cut-back on the prices by seventy percent (or whatever else they claim) and still made enough profits to cover up their advertising costs. If you plan to explore offline offers, then consider reaching the store early to avoid disappointment. However, if you miss out on getting the best deals, don’t be disheartened as retailers are always going to find an occasion to run a discount sale, be it Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas or anything else.

Plan for the Big Day and set Budgets

Black Friday marks the beginning of a month-long shopping season — a period when price tags become a lot more volatile than the stock markets. So, to ensure that you do not get lured into buying things you don’t really need, start by setting a budget. You can then list out the things you wish to buy — a watch for your beloved, Ipad for your 9-year old or anything else that you wish to. However, make it a point to set a maxima and minima for each item that you wish to purchase. Most importantly, stick to that because you also need to pay your bills, mortgage and more.

Set Price Alerts

Don’t have time to check whether your favorite smartwatch’s price has dropped to £ 20? No worries, you can automate this entire process by setting up price alerts through free shopping tools like WikiBuyCamelCamelCamel and honey. You simply need to set alerts for the products you are interested in and the tool would notify you when there’s a price drop. These tools help minimize the chances of missing out on your favorite deals and also helps you stick to your budget.

Shop Safe

As you look forward to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount sales, so do cybercriminals — they are all set to grab sensitive financial details to rob you. So, if you found an irresistible offer on Instagram and wish to make purchases from a lesser-known website, then consider assessing its credibility. You could do that by confirming the level of security that it accords to its customers. So, start by confirming whether the website has an active SSL certificate and positive reviews.

Most browsers alert users by flashing cues in the URL bar, while browsing sites that do not have an SSL certificate. That’s because websites that run on SSL certificates make use of the ‘HTTPS’ protocol, which encrypts the data exchanged between the server and the client and uses a decryption key to ensure secure access. So, the communication between the client and the server is far more secure on the HTTPS protocol, which makes it safer to carry out financial transactions.

Some other security measures that you need to ensure are an updated operating system, antivirus and firewall. We stress on the word ‘updated’ because these are critical when it comes to extending protection against recently discovered malware in the case of antivirus and firewall, and vulnerabilities in the case of operating systems. Also, it is recommended that you avoid making use of public WiFis while executing online transactions or accessing e-commerce sites with your mobile devices, tablets or computers.

Use CashBack Options

To get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, always make your purchases by using reliable cashback sites. Some of the best cashback options include TopCashBack and BeFrugal — as these websites have a network of thousands of retailers and offer some exciting cashback deals. Clubbing these cashback benefits along with that of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals can translate into massive savings.

While Black Friday is a great time to visit stores and grab some of the best deals with your family and friends, you could do that even if you are working overseas and are away from them. In fact, you could do more for them by taking advantage of Small World’s real-time exchange rates and free transactions. However, the key to getting the most out of these discount sales is by controlling your emotions and sticking to your budget. Also, while you are having a great time, don’t forget that Christmas isn’t all about yourself. A small amount donated in pounds or dollars could truly make a difference for the underprivileged folks in a third-world country.

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