Things to do with Children at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown has transformed lives across the globe, especially for those who have young ones to look after. So, if you are wondering how to entertain children at home, and also pull out enough time for work, then we’ve got you covered. In case you are looking for some useful advice on how to teach children at home, then we’ll also get to that. But before we get there, you need to take a deep breath and stay calm.

Understand that managing your child and work from the same place can be a wee bit hectic but there are ways to manage that. Begin by telling yourself that you are not alone and whether it’s your boss or your neighbor, the Coronavirus lockdown has deeply influenced everyone’s lives.

  • While some are yearning to catch up with their relatives, there are also those who are worried about how to entertain children at home, without letting any of that interrupt their work-from-home schedules. If you are in that tough spot and are feeling worked up trying to keep them busy, then here are some very useful tips that can buy you some time, while also keeping your kids entertained.

Backyard Games for Children at home

Backyard activities are wonderful when it comes to managing children belonging to different age groups. You can easily turn your backyard into a playground by putting out a tent or by having your kids do some gardening with you. Teach them to plant some easy-to-grow herbs and veggies such as mint and lettuce from kitchen waste or get them involved in plucking out the weeds. In case you have toddlers, let them play in the dirt, make mud pies the old-fashioned way, and in the process, tire themselves.

Bubble Bath

Now that your kids have played in the dirt, its time to shower and this can be somewhat difficult, especially if you run out of the bath paint during the coronavirus lockdown. In that case, here’s a quick recipe to make some homemade bath paint — mix some liquid soap or shaving foam with food colors and let your kids paint the walls next to the bathtub, for as long as they want to.

Then throw some water on it and the soap comes off easily into the bathtub without creating a mess. Now let them enjoy an hour-long bubble bath, while you focus on other important things. Bubble baths are one of the most popular activities for children at home as it requires very little convincing on your part.


If you live in a condo, then you may not be able to play in the backyard, but here’s a quick fix — tryartwork. You could find some exciting 3D painting tricks on YouTube or Pinterest and have your kids trying them out. While your little artists are trying hard to create masterpieces, you get at least a couple of hours to focus on your work. You could also try some papercraft with them, just in case you are short on colors or your kids get bored of painting masterpieces.

Get them in the Kitchen

Learning how to cook may not seem like the most interesting game for children at home, but it’s worth turning it into a fun activity. After all, cooking is one of the most important life skills that you need to teach your kids, so get them to help you cook. If you have toddlers, you can let them play with some dough or repeat the name of every ingredient that you put inside the cooking pot. Also, this is the right time to introduce them to the essential nutrients present in the food.

Play Puzzle Games together

Are you still wondering how to entertain children at home? Well, you must try exploring the attic for some board games, and the best one is indeed the puzzle game. Whether it’s on the Tablet or a good old board game that you pull out of your attic, puzzle games are a great way to keep your kids busy for hours.

Once you are done with all the games and fun activities for children at home, then its time to get them back to books. Since coronavirus is a highly contagious disease, world leaders are doing the best they can to curb the menace, however, you never know how long this could take. So, quite a few parents have been exploring how to teach children at home. If you are one of them, then we have some useful tips listed below.

Useful Tips on How to teach children at home

Understand that your kids did not choose to stay back at home and are probably missing their buddies just like you. So, do your best to make the homeschooling fun and interactive, which may initially seem difficult but with some effort, you can get there. Below listed are some useful tips to help you through the process. 

  • Find a fixed place to tutor your kids.
  • Plan a weekly curriculum and brush up the topics before you start teaching them. 
  • Look up for educational resources on Pinterest and YouTube. 
  • Check out the local homeschooling regulations, just in case the Coronavirus pandemic prolongs.
  • Join homeschooling groups on social media.

While your kids are forced to remain at home, they may initially seem thrilled about it. However, with time they are likely to get as bored and frustrated as yourself. So, make sure to have a long list of activities planned for them. The Coronavirus lockdown is a tough phase for everyone — yourself, your spouse, and even your kids. So, remember to remain thoughtful while planning activities for your children at home. In our opinion, Bubble baths are of great help while you are dealing with an impatient spouse and restless kids. This lets you pull out at least an hour to let things settle down.


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