The Easiest Jobs to Start Working in the UK

The first challenge that most immigrants face when they move to the UK is to find a suitable job that pays well. Their goal is to find a job that is easy and does not require any prior experience in the field. There are many jobs that come under this category and in this article we are going to discuss these jobs.


There are charity institutions that need passionate and enthusiastic individuals willing to work studiously to raise funds for the homeless people in the UK. Companies hire these people and pay them on a hourly basis. This is a great opportunity for starters as it doesn’t require any experience or educational qualification. You can expect to make up to £10 an hour by working as a fundraiser in the UK.

Customer Service/Sales Assistant

Customer services assistants are required by big stores all the time and you can start earning by applying for such a job near you. The job is not difficult and you will also have a great opportunity to learn new skills and grow professionally. Find a job of a customer service or sales assistant if you want to pursue a career in the sales and marketing. Some companies also offer training and field-based guidance once you’re hired but at the time of hiring no experience or qualification is usually required.

Entry Level Cook

If you have related cooking experience mentioned in ads by famous hotels and restaurants, this is a great opportunity to start your career. Apply for the entry level position and show your skills. Once they recognise the talent, you might get promoted to the next level and enjoy more salary and benefits. This is a perfect job for people who love to cook and have special culinary skills as it’s a highly paid job.

Postman/woman with Driving

From post offices to big stores, for free home delivery these companies need professional drivers who would act as their postmen or women. Anyone holding a driver’s permit can apply for such a job at any of the firms that advertise for open positions. Moreover, some restaurants also provide delivery job to people where they can use their own vehicle, which is even easier and more flexible.

House Maid/Cleaner

There are plenty of house maid jobs available in the UK for both men and women. Be on the lookout for such job openings in your area by visiting a suitable website and apply immediately to secure a position. Having a pleasant personality and good communication skills are a plus point when someone wants to earn by doing household work for someone else.

It is not impossible to start earning in the UK as soon as you arrive there. For these immediate jobs you don’t need any experience or qualification but be prepared to work hard in order to achieve your goals and meet a handsome salary. Moreover, you need to have good communication skills because many of these jobs require interaction with customers or other employees.


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