Steps to become a Spanish teacher in UK

As Latins, one of the easiest jobs we can find in the UK is as a Spanish teacher, but how do we start? What are the requirements? Do we need a special qualification? In this post we will explain to you how to become a Spanish teacher in the UK:

• The options are very broad depending on your studies, your previous experience and your country of origin. Depending on your personal situation you will be able to apply to a Not Qualified teacher –or Qualified teacher status (QTS). The latter will give you access as a teacher to public schools or special education schools where you can perceive a salary between 27.000 and 35.000 pounds.

• Firstly you need to gather all your qualifications: your education degree, or other degree plus a Master in Pedagogy for which you would need a sworn translation of all the documents which will cost you between £50 and £100.

• Once you have your documents translated fill in the form: Application for Qualified teacher status. After all these steps and if your documentation is correct, you will receive your identification number as a teacher within a period of 4 months.

Important facts:

• There are no public examinations in UK; the hiring process is done directly through teacher agencies or at the schools or institutions themselves.

• The QTS will allow you to work both at public and private schools.

• In UK there is no distinction between Primary and Secondary teacher, you will be able to teach any subject at any level, as long as you count with the knowledge and experience required.

• If you do not have a specific education degree but you have a career, you should consider applying for one at authorized institutions. The one with most international prestige is Instituto Cervantes, where you can examine as a ELE teacher (profesor de Español como Lengua Extranjera)

• Some websites where you can start your job search as a Spanish teacher are profesoresdele.orgPortal de and

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