Global Impact of Coronavirus, Australian Bush Fires, and some Healthy Preventions

The year 2020 has begun on a sad note, with the entire world engulfed in crisis — US Presidential Impeachment, Coronavirus in China and 12 other countries, ravaging bush fires across Australia, and Senior Royals declaring retirement in the UK. With so much going on, its time to take charge and protect yourself, before you become a victim of the aftermaths of the bush fires, coronavirus or any other health concerns.

The year 2020 demands that you start the year by protecting yourself and your dear ones from the potential health hazards that would haunt you for the rest of the year. Whether it is the air pollution that follows the massive ravaging bush fires or the coronavirus — you can make a difference.

You have the power to minimize the impact of both these concerns by adopting some healthy habits and guarding caution. With certain necessary measures in place, you can easily prevent potential health deterioration. Let us first understand the devastation caused by Coronavirus and Bush fires in Australia, and then move on to discussing some healthy habits that can help you prevent illnesses connected to them.

Australian Bush Fires — A Global Health Concern

Although bush fires are nothing new in Australia, the devastation caused this year creates a new record, after the 2009 Black Saturday fires. With over 18 million hectares being destroyed, the impact of the 2020 Australian bush fires have been experienced in many parts of the world.

According to reports, Australian bush fires have adversely affected the air quality in Chile, Argentina and South America, so this isn’t a one-nation issue. There is a clear global impact that may cause more health complications in the near future. So, unless you do all that it takes to improve air quality around you, the impact of Australian bush fires could lead to chronic health concerns like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory tract infections.

Indoor Safety against Bush Fires

Most people spend over twenty hours indoors, either within the four walls of their home or at work. This can be more dangerous than spending time outdoors, where the ash and smoke can move around. So, it becomes extremely important to clean your HVAC regularly to prevent the pollutants from recirculating. Also, ensure that your employer is doing the same so that you remain safe within your work premises.

Wear a Mask

Australian bush fires have deteriorated air quality across the globe, but the most affected region is the capital city Canberra. Recent reports reveal that Canberra has recorded the lowest air-quality, indicating what the future holds for those residing in these areas. Since wearing a mask can protect you from inhaling pollutants, we’d say that it’s worth the discomfort.

Coronavirus and its Global Impact

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that is said to have originated from a Chinese fish market and currently has no cure. Billions of dollars have been released to provide aid to the victims of coronavirus in China, as the death toll crosses 81. This highly contagious disease has been said to have spread to over 13 countries, and that explains why you need to protect yourself from being a potential victim. No matter which part of the world you are in, you could be a victim of this deadly virus that does not have a cure.

How to prevent Coronavirus?

As there’s no cure that has been discovered against this deadly virus, we have found some precautions that most Experts recommend. Let us now figure out how you can prevent coronavirus.

Wash your hands to fight Coronavirus

According to Experts, wearing a mask and washing your hands more frequently can help prevent coronavirus. Now that’s not the only health concern that this healthy habit can prevent. Washing your hands regularly, especially when you visit public places or interact with others can help prevent several pathogens from entering your system and wreaking havoc within your body.

Boost your Immune to fight Coronavirus

Your body has the natural ability to resist attacks by external pathogens and other harmful elements. By strengthening your immune system, you prep it up to combat everything from coronavirus to the grim aftermath of bush fires. Boosting your immune system is as simple as replacing your bowl of cereal with fresh fruits. Fresh legumes, fruits, herbs, and spices can all help boost your immune system. That along with some other healthy habits such as washing your hands before you eat can go a long way.

Use a mask, no matter where you live

Selfies are a way of life and none of us wish to wear masks and look like masked men straight from a Marvel movie. However, with the increase in the coronavirus-related death toll, it only makes sense to protect yourself with a mask. Currently, 13 countries have reported cases of coronavirus and no matter which part of the world you are in, this deadly virus from Wuhan may have arrived in your neighborhood.

The Internet has brought the entire world closer than ever before, and during these times of crisis, you must support those who need your help. The bush fires in Australia have caused mass destruction to life and property. With millions of animals and humans becoming homeless, it’s time to do your bit for the victims of Australian bush fires and coronavirus. In support of this, Small World offers free transactions and reduced transaction fee on transfers made to the victims across several countries, through its online transfer. As a responsible money exchange platform, we consider it our duty to bring the world closer.


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