Expat Associations in the UK and its Benefits

When you belong to a certain nation, then that has a massive impact on your personal preferences and shapes your personality. So, if you’ve just moved into London for better career prospects, then there’s a lot that you leave behind — your family, friends, local food and more. However, what most expats usually miss is spending quality time with those who have similar preferences — those from your homeland.

To help you fill this void, we are now going to help you connect with those who come from a similar background as yourself. So, for the sake of your overall development, we’ve listed some expat associations, which can provide a great platform to network with like-minded people.

Benefits of Expat Networks

Expat Networks for South Africans in the UK

 If you are from South Africa, and have recently immigrated to the UK, then you are going to have a tough time coping up with the UK lifestyle, which is definitely a lot formal. So, if you simply want to loosen up and hang out with someone from your homeland, and crave for a long talk over some delicious braai and South African wine, then try finding your “chommies” through one of the reliable expat networks.

Now this used to be quite difficult in the yester years, but now all you need to do is sign up with a reliable expat network, online. You can also try the Saffers and a dedicated Facebook Group with extremely helpful members, just in case you need some guidance or suggestions. Connecting with those from your hometown will not only help you beat the blues of homesickness, but will also help you build a reliable network, which is crucial for both your personal and professional growth.

While these organizations are a great way to connect with those from your homeland, there is more that you can do. You can actually contribute towards the growth and development of your very own country by supporting and participating in the programs conducted by certain organizations. If you are a South African then Community H.E.A.R.T is one such organization that gives you the opportunity to give back to the very nation that gave you so much.

Expat Networks for Filipinos in the UK

If you’ve just moved to London from the Philippines, then you are probably not alone but just unaware of all the Filipinos living around you. So what you need is some social networking and if you do that right, then you can expand your horizon, exponentially. By joining the right expat clubs and organizations, you stand to benefit in many ways. You may find your potential employer or a fellow Filipino to start a small business with. If you’ve been looking out for a shared accommodation, then you might just get lucky and end up with a fellow Filipino from one of the expat networks.

If you are a Filipino woman, then you can empower yourself by being a part of the Filipino Women’s Association, in the UK. This non-profit organization has been conducting a ton of events and extending support to Filipino women, elderly and children since 1988. So if you need help while you are away from home in the UK, then make sure you reach out to them. You can also catch up with more Filipinos in the UK on this website.

Support Groups for those from the EU

Presently, if you are from the EU region, but have immigrated to the UK, then the whole BREXIT episode is definitely going to impact your future prospects. So, going by the adage ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, here’s a smart initiative. The ECREU is an organization that provides a platform for expats from the EU region to vent out and fights to protect mutual interests of Brits in the EU and those from the EU in the UK. You can join this platform and voice out your concerns pertaining to BREXIT.

Connect with Fellow Indians

If you are from India, then the only thing common between you and the English is the love for a game of Cricket. So, if you are away from home studying or working in London and have that burning desire to watch some good cricket with your Indian buddies, then you can connect with them through India-UK Young Professional Network (IYPN), which is a reliable network formed under the High Commission of India. It is also a great place to connect with professionals and improve your career prospects.

However, if you are a woman from India and wish to do something good for Indians in the UK, or for those back in India, then you can be a part of Women’s India Association of the UK (WIA UK). This particular organization works for the benefit of the homeless, abused and underprivileged Indians.

Connect with Fellow Spaniards

f you come from the land of the setting sun, then you probably miss gorging on some delicious home-made Paella. Well, here’s a quick fix! all you need to do is find some buddies in your region who’ve relocated from Spain and plan a potluck party or watch a game of football over some Tortillas and Paella. You may also get a group of likeminded people to venture outdoors, and maybe play a game of football.

There’s some strange comfort in sharing your joys and pains with those from your homeland, when you live abroad. Probably because most of the formal and cultural issues that you encounter are of a similar nature, and that makes it easier for you to relate with each other. So, abovementioned are a handful of expat networks in the UK to help you embark upon a fruitful social and professional life in the UK.


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