Bilingual Schools in UK

In a multicultural country such as the UK the existence of international schools to cater the needs of expats´ children has continued to grow. Usually, most of these schools have their own enrolment process so the best thing is to approach them directly to get informed about how to apply and when the deadlines are. There is a high demand for international schools vacancies so we strongly advise you to get your homework done the sooner the better.

The aim of this kind of schools is to allow immigrants’ children to continue learning their mother tongue and to even keep the same education system that they had back home. English is usually a strong language taught as well so you do not have to worry about this fact.

The truth is that most international schools have tremendous tuition fees that can rise up to 10.000 GBP per term plus all the extra costs like: uniforms, meals, excursions etc.

The Government has recognized the importance of providing public international education and a new wave of these schools has emerged in recent years. One of the institutions that have set an example in this regard is Bilingual Primary School in Brighton, which offers a free bilingual education in Spanish and English. This was Britain´s first state-funded school of its kind.

Another interesting project is the Anglo-Portuguese school supported by Camoes Institutethe Portuguese Embassy and the Ministry of Education, which offers bilingual education in Portuguese and English.

As the number of Poles continues to increase in Great Britain, Polish Saturday schools have risen in popularity. During this day, Polish kids attend school to learn not only about their parents language but also about their home country´s history and culture. As an example they learn to sing traditional Polish songs and Polish customs like painting Easter eggs.

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