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If you don’t remember your history you won’t be able to build your future”.
                                                                                                   Adeel Ashraf

Every successful person faces a series of struggles, failures and strenuous ordeals before reaching a pinnacle. I am also a self-made man having witnessed a fair share of hardships during life but my passion to achieve and devotion towards my goal kept me afloat.

I belong from a very humbling background, being born in a rural area of Pakistan. I started my first business after high school and created my first tea brand called IdeaTea. During college, I continued working part-time, gaining experience in sales marketing and tourism industry. All through my undergraduate, I kept on selling perishable items, sports equipment and beddings; travelling to far-off areas on bike for reaching out to distant customers. Having gained enough experience from e-selling my products, I eventually landed in the UK. I got my first job in a factory in UK within a week of my arrival. In order to ensure personal growth, I continued studying various courses side-by-side whilst sleeping in a car to save time. In totality, I performed 35 different odd jobs prior admission to MBA. From there onwards, my life changed for better as I learnt risk management and strategic development and inculcated the same in my business in the UK. 

Today, I have a comfortable business setup in the UK, wherein some of my previous employers are my business partners now. I worked for developing a vision, contributing to the society and attaining success. I have devoted my life to analysing and taking risks for effective brand building. I believe that despite all ups & downs, one should think out of the box and begin an entrepreneurial journey that the future generations will proudly follow. I am open to sharing my knowledge and experience with everyone so as to build a network of passionate people working towards the formation of an egalitarian society. 

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